Quality Warehousing near Maydon Wharf

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Quality Warehousing near Maydon Wharf

Current warehouse developments along Sydney Road present a unique opportunity to those quick enough to capitalise on it.

Durban based Logistics Operators have always favoured proximity to Durban’s Port, particularly to Maydon Wharf and Bayhead.

Whilst the Umbilo / Congella area has traditionally been a centre of industry and manufacturing, old properties are now being demolished or repurposed to suit the needs of those who require a warehouse solution near to the harbour.

Sydney Road and Gale Street both provide easy access to Maydon Wharf and Bayhead Road via Maydon Bridge and Bayhead Bridge, substantially cutting down on time and cost, enabling companies to establish themselves as the most competitive and cost effective amongst their peers.

Two projects are already near completion and let, the first to be found on the corner of Gale Street and Canberra Road, and the second on the corner of Sydney and Rick Turner Rd.

Further demolition and redevelopment can be seen at the old Dunlop Tyre factory, a 130,000m² site that will house 10 warehouses, ranging in size from 2745m² to 12,375m², each with its own private dedicated yard.

The entire redevelopment is being tastefully done, in line with best Urban Regeneration practise, salvaging many of the iconic historical features that give Durban a sense of history and heritage to be proud of.

This new Industrial Park will also provide operators with a sense of security, something that has been lacking in the port precinct, and which the area sorely needs if operators are to be confident enough to invest in it.

Two further sites on Sydney Road are also being redeveloped to provide stand alone warehouses, one a 7000m² and the other, an 18,000m² Cold Storage facility.

Developers are in a race against time to have their properties ready for occupation by 3rd quarter of 2016, and those in the know, are already meeting to secure their poll position in Durban’s competitive warehousing and logistics market.

With over 20 years of experience and the right contacts in the Industrial Property business, Rasmussen Properties is best positioned to assist you and your business to capitalise on this not to be missed opportunity. 

Author: Michael Moss

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